Dedicated to improving the quality of life in Fulton County

Fulton County Family Partnership envisions a high quality of life for Fulton County Residents.
Through a variety of human service programs, we enhance our community well-being.  Browse the website to learn more about our variety of opportunities -- a reduced cost dental clinic,
transportation assistance, early learning programs, child care services, and many more!
Call 485-6767 to enroll in a family enrichment program or access a service today.

The mission of Fulton County Family Partnership is to promote a quality life based on developing the fullest potential for children, families and individuals by:

  • Sponsoring and cooperating in the promotion of health, education and human services programs.
  • Collaborating locally to provide an integrated seamless, comprehensive and easily accessed network of services.
  • Identifying, instituting and promoting new practices and procedures that improve service outcomes.                                                                    

Operation Save A Life
If you are concerned that a loved one is at risk for overdosing on prescription pain medication, heroin or other opiods this training is for you. Training Participants will learn:

Opioid types
How to recognize, respond to and prevent an opioid overdose
How to administer Intra-Nasal Naloxone (Narcan) to reverse an overdose

Registration is required for the training and spaces are limited. To register please call the Fulton County Family Partnership at 717-485-6767 option 0.

Recent News

 Fulton County Family Partnership’s pre-school program located at the Overly Raker Complex celebrated National Bubble Bath Day, Tuesday, January 8, 2019. The children observed the day by providing bubble baths to the dolls in their classroom. This type of water sensory play helps stimulate young children’s senses and facilitates that natural encouragement of the scientific process while they play.

 The Fulton County Family Partnership Employment Transportation Assistance Program is available to individuals that live in Fulton County and are in need of overcoming transportation barriers to be competitive within the job market. This temporary assistance helps low-income families that have a dependent child or children and are in need of help with transportation to and from work, with mileage reimbursement when using a personal vehicle, and/or vehicle assistance for repairs or a vehicle purchase. Families must be currently working or have a job with a start date and the family income cannot exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Income guidelines.

The Fulton County Family Partnership, encourages anyone desiring more… Read more >>

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