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Fulton County Family Partnership Host Partner Luncheon
Dec 18, 2017

      The Fulton County Family Partnership hosted the Partners group luncheon on November 21st, 2017 at the
Resource Management Center conference room on Great Cove Road. The Partners group is a collaborative
group of community leaders in the fields of health, mental health, education, law enforcement, human
services as well as civic and not-for-profit organizations that meet regularly on the third Tuesday of every
month, but is also open to community members. Fulton County Partner members evaluate and discuss
current trends relevant to the Fulton County community and its families. The outcomes of these meetings
identify potential gaps within human services and prevention programming offered to constituents of Fulton
       The Partners is a dynamic group of respected individuals within their fields, but everyone with a passion to
create a strong and healthy community is welcome to become an acting participant in the work that the
Partners do. During the November 21st Partners meeting the Youth Action Council shared their ambitious
goals for their group and the events that they are planning from basketball game appearances to a
community movie night; they hope to highlight the benefits of living here in Fulton County even on social
media. Development of the Youth Action Council three years ago was in response to the Pennsylvania Youth
Survey (PAYS) and provides a youth voice in Fulton County. The YAK members share their views on apparent
issues in their community, on youth prevention programming as well as topics that are affecting our youth
and our Fulton County families. This year the Youth Action Council (YAK) students are eager to make an
impact with their peers and the parents. Josh Booth, Tara Cutshaw, Calli Nesbit, and Matt Gable represent
Central Fulton school district with YAK and they outlined for the Partners a peer video message they
developed along with fellow YAK members about the importance of the PAYS survey and the effects the
survey can have with programming. Josh Booth stated, that Central Fulton School District reintroduced clubs
for the students after data revealed a school disconnect. The PAYS survey, funded by PA Department of
Drug and Alcohol, PA Commission on Crime, PA Department of Education, is a voluntary survey offered to
Fulton County students and Pennsylvania youth across the state in sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades.
This survey has been given every odd year since 1989. PAYS data utilization assist school and communities to
look deeper than the surface issues and in fact it allows schools and organization to potentially target root
causes of issues that affect community members.
      Lori Kendall, Fulton County Community Mobilizer, provided information to the Partners as well as
representatives from Representative Topper and Senator Eichelberger’s offices about the Pennsylvania
Youth Survey. PAYS evaluates youth attitudes, knowledge and behaviors as it relates to alcohol, tobacco,
and other drugs by determining what the youth participants think, know, and do. The Partners learned that
the survey is completely anonymous and confidential, but provides important information across multiple
domains of the students’ lives including their community, their school, and their family as well as on an
individual perspective. This year all three school districts have participated in the PAYS survey and results
from their responses will be returned to the county in early April. Julia Dovey, The Fulton County Family
Partnership’s Executive Development Director is quoted as saying that “the PAYS survey presents invaluable
information to various community organizations and ultimately sets the groundwork for organizations to
offer opportunities to the community.” The Community report of the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) will
be available in October 2018 for the Partners as well as the community.
      The Partners next meeting is December 19th at noon and the meeting will feature the Partners Year in
Review, a look at what they have accomplished as well as what 2018 has in store. If you would like to attend,
please, contact Lori Kendall, Community Mobilizer, at the Fulton County Family Partnership for more

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