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Fulton County Family Partnership and Youth Action Council Team Up - A Slam Dunk for High School Basketball
Feb 05, 2018

       The Fulton County Family Partnership and the Partners Youth Action Council (YAK) teamed up to create a victorious high school basketball season for the their parents, their peers, and their community. YAK members, the youth voice for the Fulton County’s human service collaborative group, attended high school basketball games at all three district schools outfitted with glow-in- the-dark basketballs. The YAK members, a 12-member student group made up of juniors and seniors from all three school districts, prepared the glow-in-the-dark basketballs with Pennsylvania Youth Survey facts, facts that themselves and their peers reported on during the survey. This was all in effort to raise awareness of what our youth are and are not doing or thinking. In hopes of beginning conversations at home between all Fulton County youth and their parents, grandparents, siblings as well as with their peers about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, feelings, and their community.
        Administration of the Pennsylvania Youth Survey, better known as PAYS, occurs every other year within the Fulton County schools to students in 6, 8, 10, and 12th grade. The PAYS evaluates students’ attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in addition to topics of suicide, bullying, and feelings of consecutiveness to their school. It is what the students’ think, what they know, and what they do. Facts shared with community members during the high school basketball games touched on all aspects of the PAYS data. This data assists YAK members helping to create youth initiatives in Fulton County, improving the lives of Fulton County Youth.
         Dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, families, and individuals, the Fulton County Family Partnership along with the Youth Action Council students presented each of the high schools with a banner to display within their high school. This banner is to serve as a constant reminder to students that within our Fulton County Community, we are not defined by our school district lines in fact our Fulton County community has a support like no other. The Youth Action Council will slam dunk this season of high school basketball action this week at Forbes Road high school’s lady cardinals basketball game on Thursday night and at Central Fulton high school Spartan boys’ basketball game on Friday night. However, you can always follow the Fulton County Youth Action Council on Facebook and Instagram social media platforms to become more aware within the Fulton County community. In order to become more involved in assisting with the Fulton County Family Partnership and the Youth Action Council’s mission, feel free to reach out to Lori Kendall, Community Mobilizer at the Fulton County Family Partnership office during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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